Biohazard vs Duc Roys, Paris Rough House Assault 25 Part 1 (Wrestlingmale)

In underground wrestling, training sessions are precarious. A trainer can turn into a sadistic monster in half a heartbeat, or a trainee can prove more of a handful than his trainer expected. This match, the first of two parts, represents the second of these situations, with Biohazard taking Duc Roys under his wing, only to have the protégé turn the tables on him. The turnabout violates the usually distinct roles of master and slave in S/M, challenging the master's authority, if not engaging in out-and-out revolution. Biohazard has years, moves, and eight-pack abs on his trainee, but Duc has feistiness-plus I hadn't noticed in his earlier matches. Can the pupil make the coach his love-slave?

Unapologetically this is more erotic fantasy than "rough house" wrestling. The holds and attacks are balletic, providing both men occasion for dry-humping, groping, and heavy breathing, and though I like the aggressiveness of wrestling sports, I can appreciate the company's choice to pull its punches, so to speak. I don't mean to imply that the video altogether avoids aggression: suffering is a recurring motif, and in the end the battle is a struggle to strip one's adversary of his trunks - but, I think, the "assault" is more concerned with stimulation than domination or victory and should be appreciated with those ends in mind.

The camerawork and lighting accentuate the seductive tone, frequently giving viewers the top position. Duc and Biohazard are more engrossed in each other's body than in the pursuit of a climactic win. Measured movements and tight closeups sustain the erotic force field. Nothing exists in this match but Biohazard's and Duc Roys's lust for each other.

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