Caught in a Trap

New guy Everett Candle is the canary to Nero Angelo's cat. In what universe would he have a chance against somebody with Nero's experience and drive? What an introduction to a danger zone like the UCW wrestling ring! The whole setup seems engineered to scare young, up-for-anything Everett away. Angelo paws the newcomer against the ropes and then chokes, sniffs, bends, and slams him. Considering the hard circumstances he's in, young Everett is peculiarly passive - and durable.

I suspect durability alone can ensure a rookie a place on the UCW roster. If a guy can take a hard bump and then get back on his feet, there's a place for him at UCW. Nero uses Everett like a ragdoll. But if a ragdoll not only takes his licks but also learns a thing or two about fighting back, he has a chance at building a career and fanbase in underground wrestling. At present, Everett shows little in the way of  aggressiveness or self-defense, but I suppose these things can be learned. 

Nero follows his usual routine. He pours all his senses - touch, sight, sound, smell, and even taste - into the mix, luring viewers into the whole experience of underground wrestling. Unlike some of Nero's work, this match steers clear of NC-17 or even R-rated business. He might wish for tougher competition (I doubt it; he obviously prefers unobstructed bullying), but he relishes body contact and body damage for their own sake, and the smile on his face indicates he'd be happy to tack on five more minutes to this 25-minute video to further break the rookie in - or in pieces.

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