Nick Flex vs Blake Hunter, Catalog 25 - Choke Him Out! (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

For almost four years Nick Flex has been turning bullying into an art form. His latest work is the culmination of this project, combining elements of wrestling, boxing, and hazing. I think it's the best thing he's done at MuscleBoy. I speak as a fan when I say that this is not Nick Flex the wrestler; this is Nick Flex the s/m master.

Let's not even call it a match. It's a coup de grace, a theatricalized annihilation. Blake Hunter has appeared in four previous MBW matches, but this one brings him into focus, thanks to Flex's curating of every inch of Blake's thick and heavy muscle. MuscleBoy's orange and black fight room suits this sort of confrontation, providing the right tone - private, enclosed, trapped.

As the online description points out, Nick smacks Blake's pale but hardly delicate body "so much that most of his body is beet red by the time it's over." In the final seven minutes, dicks are released like kraken, and the naked bodies roll and thrust before finally subsiding into a kiss and a light tough-but-tender slap across the mouth.

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