A Hot Mess

Axel vs Jax Atwell, Match 761 (UCW)

Jax and Axel have similar builds so they are well-matched as adversaries, and both have creamy complexions my mind favorably associates with the paintings of Eakins and Sargent. In the opening badinage, Axel tries to rag Jax into a confrontation, but Jax responds with shrugs and a forced smile.  

The ab punching and cock yanking that follow are 100-percent UCW house style. At times they're  almost rote. The guy getting punished doesn't appear to defend himself; he expects it, seems to allow it to happen - he even smiles a little. As if it's all in the script. Other times the provocations pick up the pace of the fight - nothing ferocious, just playful. Axel winds Jax into some tight holds, holding him in place while his bare foot taps Jax's crotch. Atwell moans convincingly. "C'mon, I'm not hitting that hard," Axel taunts, as Jax squirms and grimaces, as if to disagree.

In the opening repartee Axel teases Jax over his (Jax's) OnlyFans page, complaining that the shots posted on Instagram are repetitious and perhaps overly low-key. The match attempts to rectify this, rip-and-strip style, ending when the wrestlers are simultaneously stripped of their last stitch of clothing. The match ends amicably, very amicably. Sexy and sweet, nothing lewd.

After the video, a title card teases a rematch. Great idea, definitely.  Me personally, I hope the next facedown triggers more raw intensity. These dudes need to fight and fight hard. If they want to lock lips at the end, that's fine by me, but, by all means, kill each other first.

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  1. Conment 1 - can someone teach Axel how to do a correct piledriver before he hurts someone. You know why Vince doesnt let Piledrivers on tv? Cause he doesnt want people to get hurt by a move not done properly. Comment 2 - would you have a hair vs hair match between Stone Cold and the Rock? No !!! Because they're both bald. Why would anyone want to pay $17.00 for a match to see who gets stripped naked when both of the guys are all over the internet, in sex scenes etc.. and i can watch all that for less than half the price of this match. This is called LAZY BOOKING !!


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