Find You a Man Who Wrestles You the Way JT and Jesse Wrestle Each Other

Jesse Zane vs JT Atlas, Catalog 25 - Choke Him Out! (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

I prefer slow, tight, petrifying clenches, preferably drenched in sweat, but I also like wild, fast, bronco-busting matches like this incredible and off-the-rails fight between MuscleBoy superstar Jesse Zane and reckless JT Atlas. The two are a match in height and weight. Jesse has the technical expertise. JT has demons inside him. Carnival rides don't get wilder or woolier than this one.

As soon as Atlas sees Zane, he sneers and calls him a "pussy." Jesse gives him a chance to walk back the insult, JT repeats it. Jesse's initial response is level-headed. "Let's see what you got," he says. JT charges in, but Jesse stops him in his tracks with a side headlock. JT's one go-to move is to aim for the balls. Maybe he doesn't realize that Jesse is not new to fighting dirty, and if that's how Atlas wants to play the game, that's exactly what he's going to get.

I love a male cat fight, and we're looking at one here. JT's lithe and (let's face it) very sexy body climbs all over Jesse. Prematurely, naively, he asks whether Jesse is ready to give. "Aw, fuck you," Zane shoots back, and something in the tone of his voice suggests that he's going to enjoy putting this live wire in his place - if he can.

I can't say how many times I stopped this video to (let's say) mull things over. Jesse and JT cut to the core of what makes wrestling erotic. It's aggression, aggression spiked with real (or realistic) hostility. The mere phrase "fight to the death" gives me hardwood. These two grind each other hard. The techniques are few, but the pugnacity of both these guys - the classically trained warrior and the headstrong jobber - sets the MuscleBoy fight room ablaze.

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