Hot, Hairy, and Hungry

Gabriel Phoenix vs Marco Napoli, with Etienne Erik, XTreme Shot @ ParisRoughHouse 5 Deal1 for Ian (Wrestlingmale)

This is my absolute favorite Wrestlingmale match and one of the best matches I've seen this year so far. We have two hairy-chested guys new to the roster - Marco Napoli of Milan (6', 192#) and  Gabriel Phoenix of London (5'8", 161#) - battling in the ring, under boss-man Etienne's watchful eye. The prize - the winner gets the loser's ass.

Until the finisher, I could not predict who would win this one, the surprise kept secret in part because this is both fighters' Wrestlingmale debut. Like many others on the company's roster, Gabriel and Marco come to wrestling by way of porn, but both know what they're doing, and the action is crazy-erotic. Without knowing in advance that this is a debut match for them both, I would have assumed these two have been wrestling for years.

Equally attractive in my eyes, Marco and Gabriel have different temperaments. The Londoner has a wild spark, teasing, provoking, always with a hint of a smirk on his face. By contrast, Marco is steady, all-business, serious as the grave - it's obvious he has a clear purpose in mind: to put Gabriel Phoenix down and keep him down.

I'm not a body-hair fetishist (that I'm aware of), but these particular guys look at ease in their fur. They are much hotter than the carefully depilated wrestlers one sees elsewhere, both in the underground and the majors. The sweat is a factor, too. But mostly I'm drawn by the recklessness of the battle - not just unscripted, but sometimes out of control.

Etienne introduces the match, and throughout the match he watches at ringside, in the shadows. His eyes lock on the wrestlers, studying them the way a collector scrutinizes a work of art. It's pretty evident that Etienne, like me, would be happy to take on either one of these guys. It's likely he'll get the opportunity. 

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