Pretty in Pain 12: Reno Edition

Cole Dallas vs Zack Reno, Match 763 (UCW)

Reno takes a beating so well, so beautifully, that it's a wonder that he's held on to the UCW championship title for as long as he has. His propensity for suffering is well documented in the latest release, pitting the champ against young hotshot Cole Dallas. Dallas looms over Reno, unimpressed with Zack's wrestling credentials and fans' accolades, and the youngster loves - with devilish glee - kicking the champ's ass.

The ass - literally lily-white - is unveiled near the end of the match. However, Cole focuses most of his destructive tendencies on Zack's cock. He is not the first to do so and almost certainly not the last. Zack's hammer is an irresistible draw for foes and fans alike. Another attractive target is Reno's curly locks. Cole's fingers clutch and tear at Reno's hair, an assault that's as disrespectful as it is practical in steering an opponent's head. It also hurts like hell, and Zack's scalp must be especially tender, to judge by the man's grimaces.

As for Cole, no recruit has demonstrated such self-assuredness and killer instincts in the ring. Bigger and rougher than most of UCW's roster, he shows no hesitation in launching himself into the standing champion. Reno means nothing to him, and Cole avails himself of his youth and stature without compunction. He exhibits the kind of natural savagery one associates with heels like Quinn Harper and Eli Black, only Cole adds considerable heft to the role.

For fans, like me, with a touch of kink, Match 763 is a must-have.

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  1. Dallas made a surprise appearance at the end of Reno's and Lobo's last match. Since that surprise attack, I've eagerly awaited a match between the champ and this rambunctious newbe. Oh boy! What a match! Reno has successfully defended the belt but has not faced a challenger like Cole. All beef and not at all impressed with Reno. His skill and ring moves are on point however, I'd like to see Harper or Eli coach him on his heel skills especially trash talk. A fetish of mine is comparison and this match delivers. Bigger opponent vs smaller man; brawn vs skill (although in this case Cole has both); champ vs new comer....Reno swaggers in like he owns the place but Cole quickly takes control....the cameraman capturing the manly physique of Cole as he easily man handles the there a new king at UCW?

  2. It’s like he’s shopping for zucchini....

    1. Now that's funny, I don't care who you are! ;-)

  3. Cole Dallas is one built heel. He takes the fight to his opponent and dominates him. He's a beefy version of Eli Black - another sadistic heel who gets off on beating, dominating, and punishing his opponents. Want more Cole Dallas wrestling bouts!

  4. Sadly they ran Cole off alongside Tyson and Eli Black and Quinn Harper

  5. I have a feeling there probably won't be many Cole Dallas matches at UCW since he's looking at bigger things in the wrestling world. But I sure hope they have a couple more tucked away for future release. This kid is a natural.


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