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Travis vs Calvin Rogers, NHB Fights (Wrestler4Hire)

As long as Travis holds on to his swimmer's build and a face worthy of a debate-team captain, I will keep dropping nickels into W4H's piggy bank. I have to love the guy's high spirits and I'll-try-anything-twice attitude. He's made lockdown easy for the past six months, and his service to the community has been one of the few reliefs many of us fans have enjoyed. This is Travis's second bout with Calvin Rogers, their first without capes. The score cards are never more than a point apart, thus a certain level of suspense attends this contest.

That the match is not entirely convincing is not a disaster. I'm not dissatisfied with the match; it's good at what it does. The whole history of underground wrestling is built on matches like this. I would love to see NHB Fights emerge as a new Movimus (Movimus seems to have stopped trying to convince us that it's coming back), but even at Movimus's high point (which, in my opinion, was in its last months) it lacked the razzle-dazzle that attracts more paying customers than honest-to-goodness grappling does - and by dazzle I mean cock, muscles, ass, and porn stars doing porn-like things.

I would love to see Travis and Calvin wrestle each other for real. I'm in a tiny minority that likes to watch guys wrestle for real, even guys who don't know an armlock from a schoolboy pin. Two bodies wrapped in a knot, chests and stomachs heaving as they gulp for air, even as neither succeeds in nudging his opponent an inch, that's the sort of thing I can watch all day - or off-and-on throughout a day - in spurts, so to speak. Tenacity turns me on even if it fails to produce a definite winner. The strategies of mat wrestling must be learned, but there is instinctive and improvised wrestling, too, more romp than sport perhaps, but with enough heart poured into it, even a romp will get me hard, and I happen to believe that Travis and Calvin have a damn good romp in them, and I would like to see it.

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  1. I second your emotion!!
    Real wrestling with hot looking muscly boys (Travis, Scrappy, et al)!


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