The Resurrection of Grunt-and-Groan

Joe Robbins vs Jeremy Tyler, Big Boy Battles 2: Ring Beef (BG East)

Big boys indeed, Joe is 6'2" and 250 pounds; Jeremy is 6' and 195#. Joe has the obvious advantage, but Jeremy grits his teeth and dives into the action. Neither has much to say to the other; neither is particularly interested in what his opponent might have to say. Once bodies hit the mat, we get real grappling, flexing muscle grabbing hold of opposing muscle. Imagine my delight. Grunts, the smack of meat on top of meat, and the rumbling of the wrestling ring provide the soundtrack. 

Joe fascinates me and always has. His hugeness and sweaty muscle are tasty. He's all fight and no play. That Jeremy puts up as good a resistance as he does annoys Robbins. That Jeremy pulls his hair enrages him. Rage swells his muscle, and Joe tears loose of Tyler's headscissors. But Jeremy sticks on him like barbed wire. There's no trace of artifice in this match. The fight is real, and the fighters are thirsty for domination, victory, and the satisfaction of knowing he's hurting the other guy. The absence or invisibility of artifice thrills me.

A quick and too easy submission goes to Jeremy Tyler's head. He gets cocky; his taunts inflame Joe's temper, deliberately, or it seems so. Joe attacks with wrecking-ball force. Get ready to kiss Jeremy's pretty ass goodbye. Joe digs deep into Jeremy, grinding the showoff under his immense muscle and scoffing Tyler's sudden reversal of fortune. Another reason I'm drawn to Robbins is the magnitude of his sweat. In a matter of a few minutes, both bodies look glazed. Both men are in white trunks. Perspiration soaks in, and fabric clings to their lubricated crotches and butts. Try and convince me this isn't a turn-on.

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