Franz, 1986

Frnnz van Buyten vs Dave Taylor, 5 October 1986, Hamburg (International Professional Wrestling Association)

A year or two after shellacking Merckx, Buyten appeared in a similar chains-cuffs-and-flag match against young hotshot Dave Taylor. The 29-year-old was at the start of his career, while Buyten was nearing the end of his (Franz died early last year). Taylor later trained wrestlers for WWF and partnered with fellow Brit Steven Regal.

Like Merckx, Taylor (in black trunks) goes for Buyten's hair and chokes him with the chain that binds the two together. For the longest time, he piles destruction on top of destruction until Franz (in yellow) turns the tables on him. The camerawork here has the same flaws seen in Buyten-vs-Merckx, but it works better than most well-polished camerawork at keeping my dick hard - the heaving body contact, the bulging muscle, the sweat, the rage, the gritty brutality, the theme of youth-vs-age, the studded leather cuffs, the chain, the nasty comeuppance - why any of this arouses pacifist me, I do not know, but it most definitely does.

The 33-minute match is violence from end to end, but it escalates about halfway through (much like the Buyten-Merckx fight). Buyten gets the shit routinely kicked out of him by the Taylor kid, but it all makes the about-face all the more tasty. Let the kid have it good and hard, Franz. And if the ref, who didn't say boo while Taylor was mashing your nuts, clobber the do-nothing and then finish off the punk.


  1. Brutal. Beautiful. Let's see van Buyten and another sweaty stud in a dog collar match. Bring it on!

  2. My mind was sufficiently blown after watching this match!

    The dark atmosphere and the overall age of the video certainly contributed to a type of “noir” effect… And It would be interesting to know what the video company was thinking with the intermittent time lapse dissolves but those were easy to overlook considering the incredible action. I can’t believe you were able to find something like this. Kudos to the master of Skull Island!


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