Sleep Tight

Etienne Erik vs Foxx Denfert, Xtreme Shot @ParisRoughouse Deal 1 for Greg (Wrestlingmale)

Reportedly, Wrestlingmale boss Etienne had not previously wrestled Foxx Denfert one on one because he didn't think Foxx had it in him to put up a good enough fight. Then, catching Foxx sleeping, Etienne cops a few feels and when the guy awakes, the boss scolds him for sleeping on the job. Furthermore, he dares him to a face-off in the ring, where, Etienne threatens, he'll get all the sleep he can handle. Physically the two offer an intriguing contrast - six-foot-two and lean-muscled Erik versus five-foot-six and beefy Denfert - both Parisians, sexy as fuck.

For the record, Etienne and Foxx have lost more matches than they've won, so the contrast between them is not as great as you might have thought. Soon enough, who wins and who loses is of less interest than the titillation of hot bodies in contact. Without taking their clothes off, the two generate a whole lot of heat as they wind their limbs around each other and grunt, writhe, and tremble as the pressure rises. No underground wrestling company has as great a feel for frottage (pun intended) as Wrestlingmale - but, then, the word itself is French, n'est-ce pas? [In my opinion, MuscleBoy runs a tight second, followed by BG East, Wrestler4Hire, and UCW - close to a three-way tie, and any Thunders Arena match with Sparrow in it.]

Lately, Wrestlingmale has included two versions of each match, provided by two cameras at different vantage points. Me, I like the Cam-2 version for its intense closeups of the fighters in agony and the space's louche atmosphere. Cam-1, though, stands back, giving fans a view of the whole ring and the wrestlers from head to foot.

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