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Etienne Erik vs Massimo Arad, XTREME Shot @parisroughouse 16 Deal for Jose (Wrestlingmale)

I'm not ready to call this wrestling, but I like it. I have never wanted to be Etienne as much as I do now. Not only would I be able to pinch Massimo's nipple with my toes, but I could read Proust in French. The match is sporting and sensuous from start to finish - a succession of familiar holds with added wow supplied by the wrestlers' invasive gropes and the eventual shedding of trunks.

Asad's smooth and nibbleable pecs have been welcome distractions from my frenzied work schedule these past two weeks. Wrestlingmale's 19 August release is the kind of friendly sparring that's extra-friendly. The challenge is to make the other guy shoot the first load. It's hard to call a loser in this kind of challenge. It's far from the Championship Wrestling from Florida I grew up with, where losers were laid flat by a folding-chair to the mouth. The whole time I was watching this match (over several viewings) I rooted for Etienne to turn the ring floor into a Slip 'N Slide with Massimo's massive spunk. My imagination gets the best of me sometimes. In the actual windup, the winner adds his DNA to the spill and promptly chokes the loser out. Not exactly Wham-O material, but damn fine!

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  1. HAHAHA HAPPY you liked my sensual DNA performance lol big hugs


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