Charged Up

Flip Gordon vs Gal Barkay, Charged Up (Chaotic Wrestling)

I carved these GIFs out of the meaty center and mad-dog finish of this match from February. Years ago, I turned up my nose at Flip's acrobatics, preferring, to quote one ringside commentator, that he "keep his opponent on the ground and beat him unconscious." Right now, he's at his peak - right age (30), right size (5'10", 194#), and right level of slow-growing fury, with seven years of professional wrestling behind him. I haven't seen the guy in four years, and to my eyes he is perfect. His red-haired opponent, Gal Barkay, hails from Tel Aviv and appears on the LDN roster. He started as a pro wrestler last year. Gal plays the brat card nicely, entering with a valet, bent on destroying his more experienced opponent. A firm disciplinarian nowadays, Flip doesn't let Gal get away with anything,. Still, I prefer holding an opponent down and beating him senseless.

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  1. This match is powerful. Flip Gordon looks amazing, but Gal Barkay gets me real excited to wrestle. Both wrestlers really tear into each other. I like really aggressive wrestling with sadistic action and brutal holds. I've never been into pro-wrestling that has a lot of aimless rolling around. Wrestling is an opportunity to kick ass and beat the crap out of your opponent.


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