Greco Drama

Johnny Greco vs D.Dan vs Etienne, Hell 3Way (Wrestlingmale)

Etienne and company were busy bees during their Florida vacay, the kind of working holiday I dream of. I am staggered by the panoply of hairy calves, hairy thighs, hairy abs, and hairy pecs. This is Greco's second match for Wrestlingmale, and he is stoked for it, presumably a one-on-one fight, pitting him against hot Swiss daddy D.Dan. I don't consider it a spoiler if the cat's already out of the bag, but the match does not proceed as simply, scientifically, or predictably as first impressions might suggest. (Note: The last GIF above occurs twelve minutes from the match's end. It is no spoiler.)

I think all three men are terrific, but Greco stirs up my insides, especially this look for Greco, bearded, buff, and hairy from top of the head to ankles. The guy burns with herculean rage, and his eyes and nose and mouth could not be more bedroomy. Initially, or so we are led to believe, Greco is booked to fight D.Dan. After stretching in preparation, they challenge each other to arm-wrestling. (Not my kink. I fast-forward.) The GIFs above show what happens next - and, as previously noted, the GIFs are not the end of the match.

D.Dan and Johnny wrestle barefoot, and I'm reminded what a good thing that is. As a rule, less is more in wrestling gear, or such is my bent. Greco's bare feet slamming into D.Dan's back and chest is good as porn for me. And smack talk - which I'm not usually fond of - works oh so much better when spoken in hoarse whispers directly into the ear. Handling of any sort - including the checkup Etienne gives to Greco's face in the last GIF - is too frequently missing in most erotic wrestling scenarios.

This may be my favorite match in the impressive string of Florida fights Wrestlingmale hosted. If you think my tastes in fights and yours are similar, I highly recommend that you add this match to your download files.

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