Brutal Brendan vs Steve Mason, Wrestlingmale Conquers 15 - Carnage (Wrestlingmale)

I love Wrestlingmale, but I can't get a grip on it. The company is both slack and intense. It pairs unlikely opponents like, say, 6'2", 210# Brendan against 5'8", 163# Steve, and it's not so much the size difference (because we have seen David-Goliath matches) as it is the offbeat eccentricity of booking a handsome brute who has fought many an ugly battle and push him against a will-o'-wisp whose ribs can be counted from ten feet away. (No intended disrespect to either Brendan or Steve - I just can't find the exact words.) Even more than that, Wrestlingmale's palette is both elegant and shabby, meandering and pointed, distinctively French and all-American, iconoclastic and classic. Yet the soup boss-man Etienne stirs up rarely lacks intrigue. As a whole, Wrestlingmale is brilliant; it's just that the parts don't seem to fit together - until, of course, they do.

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