Jersey Boy

Undoubtedly sensing my incipient obsession with New Jersey's "Hi-Definition" Chris Steeler yesterday, my pal David, aka D Dude, posted a link to his Flickr account with this blog's spanking new discussion group, which, by the way, opened yesterday with 19 members, including myself.  The photos, numbering in the hundreds, span the highly expressive heel's seven-year career at IWF,  I consider the link as a sickly sweet Valentine to all us Steeler fans, old and new.  Thank you, David.

CS reminds me of last year's crush B.K. Jordan, of whom I've seen no traces lately.  Like Jordan, Steeler has a great bod for ring wrestling and is precisely the kind of guy I'd personally like to kick the shit out of.

I prefer the way he looks and acts now, but even in his early years he was a hottie.  Never the ideally chiseled wrestler that I and many of you often like, but a guy I think I could beat and have fun doing it.

Something about him makes me want to lay my hands on him ... twist his nips with my fingers, knee his nads, hang him upside down at the turnbuckle, scrape his sorry armpits over the top ring rope, piledrive him to the mat ... and then ... and then ... after dragging three submissions out of him and bloodying his mouth, lateral press and cover his pasty white body to the mat for a ten-count and then ... I don't know ... maybe carve my initials into his left butt cheek.

Anyway here are sweet sixteen of my favorite shots from David's stash.



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