Carter Gray

On September 27, 2008, one of the great feuds of wrestling came to a historic boiling point and close.  Jason Hades settled his long feud with former tag-team partner Jayson Quick in a bloody I Quit cage match for IWA MidSouth Wrestling.  The match ended in Jayson's ignominious defeat:  Sneaking a screwdriver into the cage, which he intended to use in stabbing Hades, Jayson lost control of the weapon to Jason, who then brutally slammed Quick to the mat and held the sharp metal point to his eye.  Jayson Quick was reduced to blubbering tears and screamed, with more than a tinge of hysteria, "I quit!"

This was the end of Jayson Quick--but four months later, he reemerged as Quick Carter Gray--as dastardly, conniving, low-down mean, and, it must be said, lusciously stacked as ever.  And in short time he took home the IWA MidSouth World Light Heavyweight Championship, which he has so far retained.

To date, his feud with Hades is the high mark of Gray's career, but he remains one of the most complex and attractive heels working in pro wrestling.  Standing 5'10", weighing 185 pounds, the 23-year-old wrestler looks and acts just like the archetypal boss's son you have always wanted to take down.   Beefy and pampered, Gray presents himself as a mouthy know-it-all, habituated to a life where he is always supposed to get his way and others are expected to take the fall in his place.

Here are some Lyle C. Williams shots of Gray with his current manager, Rodney Rush:

Here he is in a May 9, 2009 Combat Zone Wrestling match against Drew Gulak:

And here is one more of Gray in a tough spot under Ryan McBride on July 29, 2009, again at CZW:


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