This Is Art

I like sharp well lit photos of wrestling action best, but from time to time I enjoy expressionistic images like these.  They remind me a bit of the early, suggestive, snapshot-y work of Jack Pierson, a photographer I like a lot.  As Billy Kwan notes in the 1982 film The Year of Living Dangerously (an underrated Peter Weir film that features Mel Gibson at his best):  "If it's in focus, it's pornography, if it's out of focus, it's art."

These are screen caps of Austrian ubermensch Mexxberg (aka Maximilian Bajlitz), taken from his YouTube site and cropped by me on IPhoto.  The match took place on April 4th of 2009, versus Big A; I mentioned it in my first post on Mexxberg a month ago.  Mexx lost the match but looks great doing so (though perhaps, admittedly, you will have to use your imagination to think so while looking at these images).


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