Nineteen-year-old Joey Vengeance is our friend David's find, not mine.  I only wish I could claim him as my own.  David proposed Joey as a replacement for some gay-hating wrestler whose name I am in the process of forgetting.  I can't argue with David's logic.  The 6'1" teen has been wrestling for Ohio Championship Wrestling for almost two years, and he is fast approaching his 100th match.

David noted that Joey sports a pink ribbon (breast cancer awareness) on his right boot in this free show from last Sunday, Joey's 95th, against the Genuine Jock Samson, whose weight advantage won the big guy the match.  But I decided to give, through artful editing, the impression that Joey wins.  Just the sort of thing I will sometimes do for young studly wrestlers supporting a good cause!

(Not to worry, truth lovers, the same night in a tag-team match for a paying crowd, Joey and his partner beat the shit for real out of Jock and his partner.)


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