Beautiful Heel

Jake Jenkins is the new find of 2011 that has stirred up the kink-wrestling world the most--indisputably, at least, at this small end of the world. He combines a bit of the quiet arrogance of the young Kevin Von Erich (not a bad ingredient to start off with) with the dark and handsome suavity of Justin Pierce--and, lately, as he manifests his heel potential on Rock Hard Wrestling, a good bit of the all but affectless cruelty of Mark Lander.

I realize a good many visitors to this blog have a solid preference for beautiful jobbers--and Jenkins has played that fantasy splendidly in BG East's Hunkbash 12, in KVE-inspired white trunks and bare feet, against the rugged and merciless Kid Karisma--and though I too see the appeal of wrapping a young Adonis in knots, my preference is and long has been for the beautiful heel.

I blogged recently that I preferred watching Jenkins in league with his pal Austin Cooper (another treat for the eyes and soul) at Rock Hard Wrestling because of this preference for mean over clean, but it turns out that, on the evidence of his new Rock Hard release, against eight-packed newcomer Eli Black, he fills the bill quite nicely solo, perhaps even better than as half of a team.

In satanic red trunks, Jenkins stomps, twists, and batters poor Eli within an inch of his life, all while issuing sotto-voce threats guaranteed to give a case of the tingles to anyone (like me) lacking a resistance to that sort of thing. Black suffers well--not making the typical rookie error of wincing even before the hold has been applied or selling the pain disproportionately to the strain of the hold. Black plays it just right--and, for all I know, Jenkins is really hurting the guy--real bad.

Eli is not a total chump, though. He makes a strong showing--giving Jenkins a taste of his own medicine from time to time. But Jenkins is the revelation here. His face perpetually blank, except for the bare hint of a smirk, as he dismantles his opponent, with the intent yet unmoved concentration of a fisherman gutting a large (and impressively well-defined) bass, Jenkins is the kind of heel I haven't seen since Mark Lander hung up his coal-black trunks to do God knows what with the rest of his evil life.

More of this, guys, more of this. This is a match that makes my blood surge. Cleanly lit and shot, seamlessly edited, it's a contest you can feel in your gut. It touches all my buttons--providing visceral, aesthetic, athletic excitement that raises the bar on Rock Hard's already remarkable achievements in wrestling entertainment.


  1. He is a beauty. Love to teach him a thing or two. Or Three.

  2. I want to say a big 'thank you' for this post and for introducing me to this match and Rock Hard Wrestling. On your recommendation I bought the video from RHW, knowing that if you thought this highly of a wrestler and a match I almost certainly would too. Unsurprisingly, I loved it. Really loved it. I have had such pleasure watching Jake Jenkins demolish his opponent, dishing out punishment with purpose in those sexy red trunks. As you rightly said, Eli Black is no slouch, but it is Jenkins who excites me. A beautiful, cruel, cocky heel indeed.


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