More Hell

Another take on last weekend's Halloween Hell. These new pictures and almost everything else I have seen of ECCW make me want to pack up and move to Vancouver, as I have said elsewhere already. Mostly I'm fixated here on the junior-heavyweight championship match, in which wicked and debauched Nick Price stole the belt from conservative and clean-living Alex Plexis, with illegal aids and assists from arrogant muscle god Scotty Mac. (Price later returned the favor in Mac's steel cage match against J-Sin Sullivan.) I'm almost always happy when wrestling bad guys triumph--and Mac and Price are as provocative, underhanded, cowardly, and malevolent as I could possibly hope for. I am happy to see Price with the belt jammed in his crotch. He's a deserving champion--not that I had anything against Plexis, whose heroic physique always nicely offsets his air of white-bread rectitude. I hope ECCW plans to release this show on DVD.

(Photos credit: BRENNAN)


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