Out of Whack

BodySlam voids the restraining order Joker took out on Angel Estrada to bring these two live wires back together on the UCW mat, where they do some real damage in the just-released episode #210. These two are no strangers to each other, having fought each other in pro wrestling shows in Milwaukee and in two of UCW's most memorable bouts in 2010 and 2011. Their past history accounts for the explosive excitement these two generate, especially when brought into contact with each other. Individually they are two of the most dynamic, uninhibited, creative, and demented wrestlers on the UCW roster. There's no predicting what either will do next--it's like their brains are constantly set at "Shuffle"--but somehow out of all the chaos we get a smooth, sharp, and remarkably balanced contest. 

Although Joker and Angel are noted for their cowardly disregard for the rules of fair play, they are fearless in every other respect. These guys have no self-preservation instinct. They'll do anything to win a match. Their holds and punches are merciless and wickedly funny at the same time--Joker's "elephant boner" at 00:06:11 being a good case in point. Both wrestlers operate simultaneously on multiple levels, spouting wisecracks and playing to the camera and fans without once slowing down the action or mayhem. As someone who can't chew gum and walk at the same time, I am constantly amazed at Angel's and Joker's mental, verbal, and physical dexterity.

And Joker, in particular, will not flinch from putting himself in harm's way if by doing so he can inflict more hurt on Angel. This match combines gut-punching, ball-bashing, and head-butting (UCW standards by now) with conventional wrestling holds like crabs, clutches, and scissors, a fluid mix of the whacked-out and the classic. As the fight intensifies, the wrestlers become more brutal, pulling in straps and metal chairs as weapons. These guys know each other so well that that neither maintains an advantage for long. Fans of great give-and-take wrestling should love this. Unpredictability is the only thing you can predict when these two wild men face off.


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