Mad Max 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road brings writer-director George Miller back to his 1980s franchise with Tom Hardy (as the new Max), Charlize Theron (as a character named Imperator Furiosa), and former WWE wrestler Nathan Jones (as Rictus Erectus) in the reboot, which looks pretty damn impressive in the recently released trailer. For those unacquainted with the Mel Gibson starmaker, the Max trilogy takes place in a near future of environmental disaster, energy shortage, and (let's say) severely limited government. But mostly it's an entertainingly garish celebration of ejaculatory explosions and biker/s&m style with (in 1981's Road Warrior, anyway) an undercurrent of homoeroticism (e.g., the villainous Wez and Golden Youth). The new film is scheduled for a 15 May 2015 release.


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