Sweaty Chokeout Finish: Akbar-deWar Revisited

About 13 months ago I spotlighted a 2013 Premier Pro Wrestling match between strongman Milad Akbar and the statuesque Matt deWar. This past spring the two men faced off again over Akbar's PPW championship belt.

Matt outweighs Akbar by about 15 pounds, towering 9 inches over the Persian Powerhouse, yet the crowd derisively dubs him "Pee Wee Herman." Indeed, Akbar makes deWar seem comparatively minuscule through a grueling series of humiliating power moves, tossing the big boy around like a puppy. But Matt knows how to use his assets, heaving down and binding up the smaller wrestler into knots, from which Milad, in awesome displays of he-man might, muscles loose.

When an increasingly frustrated deWar resorts to dirty tactics while the ref is temporarily out of service, Akbar is forced to put the bully down like a rabid dog ... just in time for the recovering ref to count the win as definite and official. Luscious Akbar astounds again, and deWar plays off the champ's technical astuteness and straight-edge sense of justice perfectly.

(By the way, the cameraman here gives us a master class in how single-camera video of a pro wrestling event is supposed to be done.)


  1. For my money, the Milad Akbar vs Alex Bernadino match is by far the best I have seen from both guys. A solid back n forth match by two evenly matched guys. This fight truly could have gone either way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7i4Zuah5j4U


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