Chriss vs Vince

Vince vs Chriss, Awesome August (PWP)

I won't rehash my previous caveats about PWP (most recently here) or apologize for enjoying its videos. I will only say that at PWP I am on the opposite end of the galaxy from Krushco, which I also enjoy but for mostly opposite reasons. Here also is where I was introduced to these two wrestlers, both insanely delectable ... as "buttah" (to quote one reader's comment). In separate matches they "fought" newcomer Neo. I even developed a small and perverse crush on Vince (in red trunks) and briefly considered taking my Christmas vacation this year in Montreal in hopes of tracking him down at the Stock Bar.

In twenty-four minutes, Chriss (in white) and Vince run a course of standard sex fetish wrestling holds (bearhug, scissors, and so forth), and each takes a turn as a giver and receiver of more or less each hold until in the end one of them submits (and knocks out, by no apparent means) the other. That's pretty much all there is to it. But to admit that there isn't much to say about this match does not mean that there isn't an awful lot to show, of which the screen grabs above provide a small representative sample.


  1. Do you recall how long the match was? I refuse to shell out $22 not knowing whether the match is 10 minutes or 30 minutes. I'm surprised PWP hasn't had requests from customers to include this information on their web site.

  2. Hot looking guys. Be even hotter if they were more intense and aggressive. They always look so posed like models here at PWP.


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