Nero Angelo vs Tyson the Hammer, #488 (UCW)

BG East, Can-Am, and UCW all add erotic content to some of their wrestling matches. Other internet wrestling sites, like Movimus, Thunder's Arena, and Krushco, have been slow to follow suit, perhaps thinking (rightly, I would say) that wrestling doesn't need sexing up to be sexy, perhaps not wanting to scare off prospective customers and wrestlers, perhaps for altogether different reasons. Sexed-up wrestling can be done fairly effectively, as I indicated in yesterday's post and earlier posts, but it's nothing I need. That a pot roast can be topped with a slice of cherry pie doesn't mean it absolutely has to be done. I enjoy both, but prefer them one at a time, even if in quick succession.

Until a few years ago, UCW steered away from overtly sexual content, focusing on the violence of wrestling, mixing MMA with some of the theatricality of pro wrestling. Then, Axel teased with bulgy, see-through wrestling gear, and Quinn Harper's wet finger ventured places no previous wrestler's digit had gone before. More recently, Nero Angelo introduced the idea of feeling up his opponents, often with a lusty and mischievous leer on his face. Although he straight-up wrestles at another internet venue, at UCW he has developed a comical and basically harmless horndog gimmick, though at times I detect an unintended rapey vibe that doesn't sit well with me (for personal reasons, not out of political correctness).

This turn is good for UCW, in my opinion. It's normal healthy change that occurs with the growth of any organization, as wrestlers leave and new wrestlers take their places. Companies are at more risk when they adamantly hold to an old model even as the personnel changes, with new talents that need room to carve themselves a place. Actually, I'm more bothered at treating wrestling as comedy than I am with sexing it up. I like fun and a good laugh like anybody, but after a while the smirky approach to either sex or wrestling wears thin with me, especially when it overshadows the beauty of a good fuck or a good fight. Making light of it may sometimes have a denigrating effect--perpetuating shame, uneasiness, and/or embarrassment--though the intentions are opposite.

The only serious oil wrestling I can remember seeing has been early 1990s Can-Am matches and some of the matches at Naked Kombat. I prefer more serious, competitive oil wrestling. I'm less fond of the frat party version, nervous, self-conscious laughter, grotesque caricatures of wrestling that seem to scream "NO HOMO," hijinks replacing holds. UCW aims for something in between the two ends.

Since oil enhances the sense of touch, it's no surprise that Nero's onscreen character would choose oil wrestling for his rematch with Tyson. His propensity for feeling up, sniffing, even tasting his opponents is a trademark of his UCW persona, and though the longer the gimmick lasts, its borderline creepiness becomes harder to ignore, it has been a winning formula. Like his previous matches, in #488 Nero exhibits serious wrestling skills but aims for laughs too.

Tyson, too, is a magnet for fans and has a few colorful kinks of his own--previous run-ins with Quinn Harper and Derrick Cole have given him ample opportunity to refine and sharpen his tastes for pain and pain-giving. This video is Tyson's third match against Nero, their second singles match. Their previous pairing, an outdoors pool match, was an important win for the Hammer, as Nero sheepishly admits at the start of this contest. Neither is new to oil wrestling, Tyson having oil-wrestled Axel twice, Nero having oil-wrestled Malik.

This fight is highly eroticized, what with the groping, biting, butt-baring, and crotch-smothering. Oil wrestling is plenty sexy even when the wrestling is strictly textbook grappling, so the UCW treatment of course soars way over the top. This is all part of the company's energy, and I love UCW for it. There's no nudity in this video  (apart from some ass shots and glimpses of pubes), but technically nothing is off limits, and not much is left to the imagination. I would expect nothing less of this fine follow-up to Tyson and Nero's backyard battle.


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