Bloody Brits

Powerhouse wrestling lives in the UK. This six-man elimination match from Taunton, Somerset, gives us six samples of British brawn in one ring with no disqualifications. The heaving muscle is set on one objective: the PWP heavyweight title.

Chris Andrews and Eddie Ryan are longtime favorites of mine, more than "favorites" really, "passions." Now they are more stunning than ever. Hairy-chested, 6'3", 238# BRAM, Ric Flair's ex-son-in-law, is back in the UK and proves himself the man to beat in this match. He's relatively new to me. I've heard the name and seen pictures, but until now I never saw him in action. He makes an indelible impression.

My focus narrows on these three contenders because I think they are not only hot but also epically rugged. Yet there's much more to this brawl than these ten GIFs can capture. PWP's YouTube video joins the October 30th match already in progress with one of the six contenders already eliminated. The pace is breathtaking, and the spots interlock to create a sustained and coherent narrative that's gripping and full of surprises.

BRAM vs Doug Williams vs Chris Andrews vs John Harding vs James Baker vs Eddie Ryan, Every Rose Has It's [sic] Thorns (Pro Wrestling Pride)

Chris and BRAM's caveman action out of the ring (03:10) caught my attention first.

BRAM takes Chris's toy away from him and lets him have it (03:29)

Here's where I came up with the title (03:57).

In the ring, a staggered Eddie, the current champ, gets caught in Doug's clutches (04:12).

Chris steps up and takes care of Doug for Eddie (04:30). One less man to worry about.

But BRAM has unfinished business with Chris (05:04).

Eddie and Chris take turns at the herculean BRAM (05:41).

After almost three minutes of fun and games, BRAM takes out the champ (08:21).

Chris and BRAM are the last men standing (09:10).

So they slug it out (09:21).


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