The Prettiest Babyface in Wrestling

"Charming" Biagio Crescenzo vs "Jungleboy" Nate Coy, Onslaught (Underground Empire Wrestling)

This August 13th match from East Los Angeles has an interesting twist ending: one wrestler seems to be tapping out at the same time that the other wrestler's shoulders are pinned for a three-count. I'll say no more, so the surprise is safe. See it and judge for yourself. The 16-minute match has a number of highspots that demonstrate both wrestlers' ring and rope skills. Nate performs better here against "Charming" Crescenzo than he did against Adrian Quest, which is surprising since the two matches occurred within a day of each other. To me, Nate appears more dynamic and accomplished here.

Of course, the draw here is the Jungleboy's startling beauty, an elegant profile coupled with roughneck attitude and recklessness, irresistible. He's slim for my tastes, not to mention criminally young (he's nineteen, turning twenty in June). Crescenzo's body is more appealing to me, what there is to see of it. Still, it's difficult to take my eyes off Coy. His ring career apparently begins in early 2016. In the near future, a match against someone like Bryen Douglas in the American Midwest ... or Tracer X in the South ... would, I think, be everything.


  1. In my book, you just can't call a man in a mask " charming." Lose it, Blagio!

    1. TdC: You can see Crescenzo without a mask in other videos on YouTube.

  2. Jungleboy Nate Coy is intensely beautiful. I love his slender, ripped, strong body (and the dude is damn strong). I do want to see him go up against a much bigger heel, preferably one willing to apply a long and painful claw on young Nate's chiseled abs.

  3. Thank you, Freddie ...


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