Pleasure and Pain *

Dante vs JJ Allen, Catalog 3 - Muscle Boys Dominate (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

My theory is that you can't go too far wrong when you put two babyfaces together in the squared circle (or two heels, for that matter). Anything can happen because nothing is dictated by the roles they're usually assigned to play. There's spontaneity I don't usually sense in traditional heel-babyface pairings. At MuscleBoyJJ and Dante have everything that counts in erotic combat--a feel for holds, beefy bodies made for lust, a touch of the brute, and the urge to dominate. I don't know their sexuality off-screen, but their sexuality onscreen damn near melts my LCD.

Physical and psychological contrasts contribute to the sense of drama, in this match the contrasts in hair color, skin tone, and physiques (even though only five pounds separates Dante and JJ in weight and they are both 5'10"). Of the two, JJ is the more expressive. Dante holds back, and his reticence makes him the more inscrutable and compelling. JJ looks like a guy always looking for trouble. Dante looks like the kind of trouble JJ needs. Each is equally assertive on the mat and against the ropes, though Dante dominates more of the action.

Besides the observable and measurable qualities of Dante vs JJ, other factors are harder to peg. Some are purely subjective responses--for instance, impressions based on vague similarities to guys I have known or seen around. Other qualities are more enigmatic--the particular draw of Dante's taciturn face, of JJ's boyish torso, the two wrestlers' hot and cold chemistry. The 23-minute fight is both fairly typical of MuscleBoy and one of a kind. It fills a necessary slot in the company's impressive canon and in my private treasury of roughhouse fantasies.

* "The more a thing is perfect the more it senses pleasure and pain." (Quanto la cosa è più perfetta, / sente il bene, e così la doglienza. - Dante’s Commedia, 6.107-08)

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  1. Without getting too much into detail, when we did this shoot (and several others) over the course of a few days these two guys "connected" and had definite chemistry. They had some fun inside the ring and out. ;)

    1. Interesting! Perhaps this explains the hard-to-peg chemistry I refer to.

    2. JJ was definitely in full on crush mode the whole shoot! Dante is very quiet in person but damn when the lights go on and he gets in the ring he really shines. They both will be featured more in next two catalogs and some VERY hot new boys that we can't WAIT to debut soon !!

    3. Want to wrestle either one of these hot young bloods in the ring or on the mats. Hot bodies.

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