Never Give Up

Chase Brown vs Gladiator Jeremiah, Future of Honor - 26 August 2017, Atlanta (Ring of Honor)

In this dark match (unaired pre-show) Gladiator Jeremiah dominates "Cauliflower" Chase Brown for three-quarters of the contest with a mix of power moves and acrobatic energy. In his high-flying days as Slim J, Jeremiah played a baggy-pants babyface, whom I best remember for his 2007 match against Patrick Bentley (enthusiastically praised here). He's meaner, bigger, and greater in this 2017 match (being a gladiator agrees with him) and all over Chase like ants on a Sunday picnic. Like all heels in their greatest moments, he pushes his luck too far and gets the comeuppance he deserves. It comes in the form of a thrilling last-minute reversal, which is how I like my squash - hot, Southern style, worn to a frazzle but still tasty, and unexpectedly just.

Visit the Ring of Honor channel on YouTube here.


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