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Dash Decker vs Tanner Hill, 3 Chokes and You're Out (88Wrestling)

88 squares Dash and Tanner off in a taut 24-minute one-fall match, the upshot being a climactic choke-out. Dash is bigger, but Tanner is hungrier, and though the tone is light and amiable to start with, the competition awakens the beast in the men, especially as the wear and tear of the struggle pushes them to take greater risks and draw on brute instinct instead of well-practiced strategy. The two are magnificent to look at. I griped about the aloof camerawork in Lundquist vs Savvin, but here we're brought closer to the high points of the match, as evident in some of the screen shots above. A new venture, 88 is learning fast, building on its former connection to Rock Hard Wrestling (where Dash and Tanner cut their teeth) and carving a niche of its own among the underground wrestling sites currently jostling for position.

Visit 88 here.


  1. Looking at these wrestling photos and wrestlers from 88Wrestling, it is almost like Rock Hard Wrestling has come back to life. This features two former RH wrestlers in a ring that looks vaguely similar to RHW. Different names on the turnbuckles and white background rather than the standard black backdrop for all RHW bouts. Hope 88Wrestling is a huge success and brings back most of the top wrestling stars from RHW.


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