The Full Effect of Ty

When I met him briefly last month, I was struck by what a stud Ty Alexander is - hairy chest, honied tan, Mom's-apple-pie good looks with a dash of club-kid blond shooting off the hairline and a cocky Swole Mates tank top declaring "lift crunch press fuck." In Wrestling with Pride, he took on the redoubtable Jonny Firestorm, looking pretty sure of himself until Jonny decided to fight back. Poor Ty ended up being belt-collared and marched around the ring, his G-stringed buttocks offered up for fans to spank. (I aimed a disappointingly flimsy smack to the right cheek. I wanted to leave a hand print but was too shy to ask Jonny for a redo.) In its current catalog (#126), BG East spotlights Ty at various stages of his development, taking on Jakeno Enzi, Austin Cooper, and Toney Rico.

Ty Alexander vs Jakeno Enzi, Wrestler Spotlight: Ty Alexander (BG East)

Jakeno made an impression on me in his debut match, but I haven't seen him since. He makes an impression here on Ty, but probably one that Ty would rather forget. Enzi is built for fighting - solid shoulders, biceps, core, and thighs - and Ty is all deer in the headlights against him. Enraged that Enzi knocks his cap off, Alexander puts the guy in a side headlock, which the six-foot hard-body casually escapes and pays him back for with a series of snap suplexes and other body slams. It's hard to say what pisses Jak off more - Ty's effrontery or the fact that the pampered party-boy hasn't the body or know-how to put up a good fight. Enzi hardly breaks a sweat, assaulting Alexander with a constant barrage of ropes, corner, and mat work that mainly targets the guy's vertebrae. Two-thirds the way through the 32-minute squash, Ty finds it difficult even to inhale, while Jak looks splendidly prepared to make a whole night out of kicking the shit out of this dandified punk.

Ty Alexander vs Austin Cooper, Wrestler Spotlight: Ty Alexander (BG East)

Ty has better luck against powerhouse Austin Cooper, who enters the ring in a black leather vest that accentuates the firm curves of his pecs and abdominals. This 31-minute match sees Ty further along in his BGE career, having acquired some strategy to go along with his vaunting self-confidence, which has never been in short supply. "'Austin Cooper' - Whoop-de-fucking-doo" is Ty's acerbic assessment of Austin's opening warm-up, but when he fails even to lift Austin off the mat, the big talk looks like not such a good idea. Despite a fleeting hint of counterattack, Ty spends most of the first half getting his ass royally whupped. Then a pec-twisting standoff introduces some give and take, with Ty gaining a potential advantage when he uses his leg muscle to power loose of the Austin crab hold. The bravura escape ushers in a long stretch of  low blows, chokes, and even bites as Ty either turns the fight around or sufficiently pisses Cooper off to choke the pink-and-violet creep out.

Ty Alexander vs Toney Rico, Wrestler Spotlight: Ty Alexander (BG East)

The spotlight ends on a high note for the self-proclaimed Trophy Boy with this stellar 43-minute brawl against Toney Rico. Opening, appropriately enough, with a photo shoot - and ending with a closeup of the glamour heel's denuded and engorged cock - the main event finds Ty carrying more than two thirds of the fight on his own increasingly capable shoulders. The contest's first half is fairly even give and take, following Ty's low-blow hiya to Toney. Halfway through, Alexander takes command, dealing out humiliation and punishment in equal measures. As Rico is one of BG East's most sportsmanlike wrestlers, none of this is deserved - or remotely justifiable. One part Roderick Strong and two parts Cruella de Vil, Ty stirs up a heavy blend of narcissism, gratuitous violence, and seduction in what may be his crowning achievement (to date, anyway). Largely owing to Ty, the match is absorbing and multifaceted - and, even more bracingly, it ends with a shockingly sudden pile-driver knockout.

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