Ripped Apart

Josh Steel vs Matt Engel, Ripped Apart (Rock Hard Wrestling)

It's been four years since Josh Steel's last match, but images of the muscular bad boy feature prominently in recent sales promos for Rock Hard Wrestling, which, as I understand it, no longer produces new videos. One particular image has particularly caught my imagination and sent me rushing back to Steel's match with Engel.

This is Steel at his peak, and while one could quibble over the match's quality as wrestling, watching it is a breathtaking experience still. The muscle, the agony, the sweat, those white square-cut trunks! Few wrestlers - even accomplished ones - had as clear a vision as Steel had of the eroto-savagery that defines ring wrestling, an unacknowledged truth and a forbidden topic even today. In my original post on this match, I wrote, I can tell you what did it for me - his surfer/skateboarder persona ..., his knack for being no more than a half-second away from an full-on O-face ..., the fact that he is sexy and mean in equal measures, usually at the same time, the way his trunks fit ....

Josh's presence at Rock Hard spanned 2012 to 2014, and according to his fan page on Twitter, he's no longer making porn. Multiple sources have informed me that he was often impossible to work with, and in public statements he often wavered on the exact nature of his sexuality. Still, the man made me want to throw a punch and stick my dick into someone, and that's high praise as far as I'm concerned.

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