Chris Cannon vs Taylor Reign, Catalog 8 - Muscle Boys Clash! (MuscleBoy Wrestling)

In his latest match, Chris Cannon uses a limited but highly accomplished set of attacks and holds to dominate and destroy Taylor Reign. He even pulls off the ever-risky piledriver with style and finesse (more than once) and offsets all he does not yet know about being a squared-circle heel with enough condescension and hair-pulling to make me love-hate him plenty. The last time I saw Chris in this ring, the formidable Nick Flex was handing him his ass in a doggie bag. How things change! Long one of MBW's most beautiful bad boys, Cannon comes to his own as a full-grown heel in Catalog 8.

Cannon's imperturbable composure situates him among such cool-cat elites as Justin Powers, Flex, Austin Tyler, Dante, and Aryx Quinn, men who command attention without seeming to hustle for it. (MuscleBoy is lucky to have this many this early in its history.) Add to this, Chris's dreamy face and body, and you have natural star power. To his credit, his opponent, Taylor, jobs this match to perfection, putting over the heel with expressiveness that's neither over the top nor phoned in. He compels me to pity him while I'm enjoying his agony - and almost envying the way Cannon manhandles him.

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