Hungry Like the Wolf

Wolf Boy vs Quinn Harper, Match 626 - Ball Bust (UCW)

Everybody said Wolf Boy would have hell to pay for his skyrocketing popularity over at UCW. What goes up must come down, as they say, and Wolf Boy rose high very fast on the weight of his matches against Chase Michaels and Erik the Viking, two of the company's hottest and toughest wrestlers. He might not have won both matches, but his stock with fans hit the roof. 

Then Quinn Harper showed up after too long an absence, wondering what all the fuss is about. What he'd seen of WB had not impressed him, and he fired off some opening salvos via social media. He called the rookie"dog face" and threatened to serve his balls up scrambled, snidely advising Axel to "find a new boytoy." 

If anyone doubts Quinn's bad intentions, watch him launch his preemptive strike against Wolf Boy's scrotum in the first half-minute of Match 626! A few seconds later he has tied up the boytoy like a pretzel. But then the lupine recruit strikes back, all fired up, leaving his teeth marks on Quinn's hamstring tendons. For the next 28 minutes, both men are howling savages.

Wolf Boy's appeal is encoded in his fight name. He's hungry for attention and success, and he fearlessly throws himself 100 percent into a fight. He's also young with all the native charm that comes with youth. I like him, but I am trying not to like him too much. If his first UCW matches  taught me nothing else, they taught me this kid is trouble.

But, then, Quinn's middle name is trouble, so the setup couldn't be sweeter. My first taste of Harper was extra-spicy, a million on the Scoville scale. He lassoed Stay*c Adams into "a slimeball effort to make quick and easy reputations for themselves" by hobbling Axel. As I noted in 2013, Quinn dishes up "primo  Sadism." He is the devil, only slicker. Be assured, Quinn and Wolf Boy have their hands full with each other.

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  1. just caught this match. the beginning was worth the price. quinn ripped, tatted and biceps banded flexes off with wolf boy. damn, the boy is jacked. watch out quinn.


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