Round Robin (Review)

Five years ago, before he hit it big over at No Rules Wrestling, Flash made an early showing over at what's now called Krushco.  In Underground Wrestling #7, now named Round Robin, Flash (in gold singlet) faced, by turns, an opponent named Alex (in red) and nobody less than Krush himself (in blue).

Several things are worth noting about this event, one of the better downloads on the always reliable Krushco site.   For starters, though dubbed a round-robin tournament, it can also be viewed as a tutorial.  Flash and Alex, who wrestle each other first, are great looking competitors, with obvious skills as freestyle wrestlers at the outset.  Flash has the tendency to push for top, even at the risk of putting himself in the way of Alex's scissors and the squeeze of the dark-haired, moderately hairy hottie's muscular thighs.

The two rookies then have individual matches with Krush, getting thoroughly ridden and, in the process, thoroughly schooled in the do's and don'ts of mat wrestling.  When they meet again, they're a little more aggressive, and the competition intensifies.  Then another round versus Krush, during which the two make a better show than in their first turn, but still wind up overwhelmed by Krush's superior skill, mass, and fighting spirit.

In the final bout, Flash continues to fight to get on top of Alex, but now he more effectively eludes the grasp of his opponent's thighs and more smoothly manages an escape when caught--and more importantly, in the having-one's-cake-and-eating-it-too department, Flash has learned not only to ride his opponent but also to dominate him--a skill he has since applied well in his ring work over at NRW.

Also, Round Robin makes a good case for the allure of wrestling in singlets.  I heard a while back from my friend Don that the singlet reduces pressure and discomfort on the cock and balls, a decided erotic advantage over other wrestling gear, which may look better to third parties, but can't match the pure sensual pleasure that the singlet gives to participants in the actual rub and grind of a contest.

It's easy then to imagine the happy shivers these three fighters feel just by watching how readily they mount one another and squeeze in tight.  The way the singlets loosen and then cling, bunching up then stretching and caressing the taut muscles to show off every indention, bulge, and cleft, gives the onlookers a lift and a tingle, too.

The quality of the camerawork varies.  The production seems like a three-man operation--I could be mistaken on this point, though--that is, whoever is not tussling is probably lugging the camera.  If that's the case, the fact that Krush is manning the camera could explain why the Flash-vs-Alex fights are shot so well--each move well anticipated so that nothing gets lost and the point of view up tight and close to the action, so that we feel thrust right into it.

The wrestlers' conduct here is thoroughly sportsmanlike, comradely and competitive at the same time.  There's little or no trash talking--just the soft grunts and gasps as muscle struggles against muscle.  Alex and Flash clearly relish the fights--and seem eager both to show off their accomplished skills and to learn from a bigger, more aggressive competitor like Krush, and from each other as well.

Characteristic of most of Krushco's products, the fight here lasts till all parties are thoroughly exhausted, slick with sweat, and hearts pounding.  It's a "fight to the finish," not in the sense of fight to the death, of course, but rather a fight to the point that every gram of aggressive energy has been pounded, pinched, and wrung out of each man.

Very satisfying stuff here ... highly recommended for fans of Flash and Krush alike.


  1. I would note here that Krush uses his legs to incredible effect on both Flash and Alex in these matches. Both of these guys are immobilized and rendered completely helpless when Krush uses his legs to tie up their heads and arms and then displays them in humiliating positions for the camera. It's really cool to see these athletic, muscular guys flailing around while Krush is in total control.


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