Going Down Hard

At the end of last week, Krush at Krushco got a couple of challenges (or, rather, threats) on video (here and here). 

The first came from a sweaty shirtless dude who looks like he just stepped off the mat. "I'm going to choke you when you least expect it," he warned Krush. "You're not going to remember anything. Only a video will make you remember what happened." Fans are all boned up for this fight to happen. On his Facebook page Krush seemed less than sure about taking up the challenge, but Bodyslam over at UCW-Wrestling urged him on, even offering to work the camera if the match should become reality. "I've seen this dude fight a few other guys," Krush responded. "He's a beast, to be honest, fights hard and dirty." But he has no doubts that he could take the guy. 

The second challenge came from scruffy bigmouth Jeff Gordoom from Kentucky, who looks like he just finished puking his guts out in a Chili's men's room. Waving around a longneck and slurring his words, Jeff issued "an open call of challenging," in his best George W. Bush accent. "I heard you were some kind of superhuman super-good grappling type wrestler deal," the skinny dude taunted, pretty much just begging to get his ass whipped on sentence structure alone. Drunken dares like this never fail to get me all tingly for a knockdown-dragout. They remind me a little bit of my last LTR. (Good times!) Issuing garbled challenges while in a gray wifebeater only stokes the fire.

On Saturday night, Krush invited anybody else with a chip on his shoulder to dare him to knock it off: "No one can beat Krush the Wrestler," he reiterated. "If you want to issue a video challenge from anywhere in the world, he just might travel there and take you up on it." You got to admire a guy with the kind of arrogance it takes to refer to himself in the third person. "As for the hillbilly," Krush added, "he's going down hard." Can not wait!


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