Me and Charlie Haas (Part Two)

Me and Jay Briscoe during the intermission
Charlie Haas announces his retirement from pro wrestling.

Charlie makes Jeff Lewis Neal pay for interrupting his farewell speech.

JLN falls over the metal restraints and down at my feet. My friend Shane urges me to kick him. I decide to snap his picture, instead.

Charlie makes JLN suffer some more--but ultimately, and unjustly, Charlie lost his final ROH match.

Corey Hollis, looking swell

Corey and Mike Posey eye their yankee opponents dubiously.

Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish insult the great states of Alabama and North Carolina, triggering a swift retaliation from Corey and Mike.

Mike swings Corey into a cornered O'Reilly.

Four men in the ring

Two on one.

ACH's entrance: attitude, charisma, and heart

Roderick Strong's entrance

Matt Taven sneers at the competition.

Once again, all heck breaks loose.

Jay Lethal pummels Taven.

Matt chokes Jay.

ACH flies in over the heads of Matt and Jay.

ACH leans over the guard rails, urging the crowd to cheer him on

ACH victorious, over TV champ Matt Taven

Mark Briscoe's entrance

Kevin Steen and Mark fight half their main-event match outside the ring.

Not the end for Mark Briscoe, but he can see it from here. Shortly the minions of darkness (SCUM) will gather around the ring, spurring the injured Jay Briscoe and other forces of light to join them as a counterbalance, first as an impromptu "lumberjack" watch group, then as participants in the ensuing free-for-all. 


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