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Thanks to photographer Blake Arledge's Facebook page for steering me to's "The 10 Greatest Wrestler Glamour Shots of All Time," published yesterday. The copy is funny, but the photos are pure American cheese and beef, starring classic wrestling stars Stan Lane, 6'1", 224#, and Steve Keirn, 6', 215#, as "The Fabulous Ones." Little known fact: I had a serious crush on Florida-based wrestler Steve in the 1970s, long before he became Doink the Clown (one of many, like Shamu's and Lassie's). By the way, you can now find Arledge opinionating on movies new and old on his blog Blake Likes Movies. Worth checking out!


  1. Wowww … that photo is so indicative of 70s/80s beefcake poses…

    Which “era” did you first discover Steve Keirn, Joe …

    I grew up in Florida (like yourself, right?) and was first introduced to Keirn on the Gordon Solie wrestling show … always wanted to see Keirn team with Mike Graham. They were some of the best (and hottest) early babyfaces …

    I seem to remember a very young Stan Lane showed up on the Florida tv show as well, way before he and Keirn went on to team as "The Fabulous Ones” …

    Always enjoy your writing! --- Ray

    1. Thank you, RayAtL. And perhaps like you I first saw Keirn as a singles competitor (one of the long-running rookies back in those days) on Championship Wrestling from Florida back in the early to middle seventies. I lived in Miami at the time, specifically North Miami Beach (not the posh art-deco beachfront). I guess you might call it the "hairy-chested era" of regional pro wrestling.


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