WrestlerVic over at WrestleMen alerted me to some changes at the popular meet-and-beat site. With over 10,000 wrestlers listed worldwide and 2000 visitors a day, the site is a steal, offering basic membership for free, with access to the directory of member wrestlers, mail, chat room, and members' forum. 

If that's not enough to fulfill your jobbing dreams, $25 a year gives you access to weekly streaming videos to full matches (and full DVDs), an expanded profile to get your pecs out there to intimidate the universe, the mobile version of the site, YouTube interface, photos of matches, wrestling stories, and a game room with prizes: online trivial pursuits and puzzles. Lifetime membership comes for $75. Cheap!

WrestlerVic's a great guy and a pioneer in getting wrestling men together via the Internet, since 1996. And he wrestles, too--if you think you can take him.

(And, yeah, this is Ringside at Skull Island's first gif.)


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