Wish I Were Here

I had just finished kicking myself over missing the after-match brawl at CWF Mid Atlantic on March 30th, the one where Trevor Lee unmasked Chiva Kid. I had long suspected that something pretty adorable was hidden behind the Kid's fake fur, foam, and nylon, and subsequent video supports the suspicion. For a verklempt I-swear-I'm-gonna-make-Lee-pay-for-this-foul-deed speech by the newly dubbed Andrew Cross, look here. Mitigating my rage and disappointment was the fact that friends were taking me to a Ring of Honor show in Asheville that same night. But missing Chiva's second unmasking at Friday's Premiere Wrestling Xperience show in Charlotte ... by no less than Alabama's pull-me-stretch-me stud Corey Hollis ... has knocked me for a loop. (That night I was eating a whole medium three-topping pizza on the couch, solo, and watching Vertigo for the umpteenth time--my waistline would have been better off at a wrestling show.) Not only that, but there were at least two other matches I would give an ear and some teeth to have been on the front row for: hairy Jake "The Man Scout" Manning teaching a lesson to the insufferably smug and smooth Mr Elite (the coward using the ref as a shield in the fifth picture, above) and Mark and Jay Briscoe pounding the butts of Caleb Konley and Cedric Alexander, teamed as 7 Oh! 4 (presumably after the Charlotte area code). Fortunately, photographer Harrison South Worth caught a lot of the action (see his 106-photo album of the events here on Facebook), and thanks again to my friend Blake Arledge for pointing the way.


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