Das Wunderkind Then and Now

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Das Wunkerkind. In the 1990s, Alex Wright, 6'3", 225#, was the bait that lured my old friend Luis into my wrestling kink--and a defribillator to my waning interest in mainstream television wrestling. Trained by his father, Steven Wright, Alex started wrestling professionally in Germany at age 16. At age 19, he bounded onto the US wrestling scene to a Euro techno beat, a shiny new babyface at WCW. Just days before turning 22, he turned heel, defeating Chris Jericho later that summer to become the WCW cruiserweight champion. After a brief disappearance from American wrestling, he reemerged at age 24 as industrial-strength super-villain Berlyn. A year later he dropped the gimmick to become Alex Wright again. His American career ended at the beginning of the new century, with the collapse of WCW. After working as a banker and a fitness instructor, in 2009 Alex (looking hotter than ever, I think) founded New European Championship Wrestling.


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