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My computer went kaput on Sunday, so I'm gradually getting used to the refurbished used laptop I bought yesterday. I found this shot this morning on the Backbreakerz blog on Tumblr, but I haven't been able to find out much information about it via Google Image Search*. At first I thought the poor suffering underdog might be The Miz, then maybe Steven Walters, but my face recognition skills are (and always have been) weak (me and Brad Pitt, apparently), so my first guesses are almost always badly mistaken.  The look of concern on the faces of the fans to the right is touching, all the same.

* Mystery solved. Once again, Ringside readers out-google Google. See the comments below for both wrestlers' identities.


  1. Hmmm, those black trunks with the orange stripe and those thick, hairy legs look familiar. Rampage Brown! (http://beefcakesofwrestling.blogspot.com/search/label/rampage%20brown)

    So this must have been taken in the UK...but I don't recognize Brown's opponent here.

    1. Hi all--Rampage Brown is right and it's from a match on Rad-Pro wrestling in the UK and his unfortunate opponent is a nice guy called Carbon (Dave Carbon)...Looks like an interesting and fun promotion...The match, btw, is on youtube--just enter Rad-Pro or Rampage Brown VS Carbon or something called Embryonix...you'll find it!

  2. Backbreakerz here. Thanks for the mention. Been following and enjoying your blog for a while. This is from a match between Rampage Brown and Carbon.


  3. Thank you, Sheldon and Rob, for identifying Carbon! I look forward to watching this match on YouTube.


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