Sometimes You Outgrow Your Friends

Go here to see a great little match between two best friends, Tyler Cintron and Wayne DeWayne at New Revolution Wrestling. After spitting in his friend's face in the previous episode, DeWayne aims to break his heart (literally, apparently) in this fight from last Thursday. 

Houseflies have better memories than wrestlers and wrestling fans, because these same two guys fought tooth and nail over a year ago for UCW-Zero, apparently on none too friendly terms with each other even back then. I don't mind. I like the idea of best friends taking their spats to the squared circle to settle. I hope they patch things up between them so they can kick shit out of each other again next year.

It's interesting to note that the good guy in this match (crowd favorite Cintron) goes for the low blows ... twice: first, almost by accident, then pretty deliberately later. DeWayne doesn't exactly go by the rulebook either, but he gains a clean win in the end.


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