Notes on a Classic: Can-Am's Kick-Ass Bodybuilder Feud 2

Hard to believe, but I'm now teaching college students who were born the year Can-Am shot this classic: 1996. Although the first Feud (cousins Paul Perris and Roman Stone going at it) has been in my collection forever--first in VHS form, then DVD--I saw #2 (Perris versus Billy Vochek) for the first time a few days ago. 

Paul Perris Exposed had been announced as Perris's last fight video for Can-Am. But after he toured with the roadshow of Mortal Kombat (sort of a fight-fetish version of the Ice Capades--sorry I missed that one), he agreed to one more fight for producer-director Ron Sexton. This is it.

For years I asked fellow kinksters online what they thought of the sequel and received varying responses. Nobody hated it. Nobody thought it was better than the original. I remained curious, but hesitated to buy. Complicating matters, Can-Am sells two versions of K-ABbF2, shot back to back. This review focuses on the second of these. 

According to the online catalog, the same storyline is followed in both versions, with slight variations in moves and expressiveness. First, we see Vochek and Perris working out with weights. Then they climb into the ring, remove their shirts, and stretch each other out, Perris in long white tights, Vochek in purple. 

Perris looks thicker, with a world-weary look in his eyes that suggests that he saw things during his 200-city Kombat duty that he'd never be able to get out of his head, no matter how hard he tried. Vochek looks fresh, a bit like a young Dolph Lundgren. 

The two slip on boxing gloves and drive them into mitts and a heavy bag hanging from a hook over the ring. Then the two spar with each other, punching and throwing high kicks, pecs bouncing, Billy getting more hits in than I expected.

When the gloves come off, I get more interested. Both knock each other to the mat several times before the tights come off too, revealing Perris in a yellow string bikini and Vochek in pink. At long last, the two wrestlers lock up, and Perris throws Vochek to the mat for an armbar. 

Perris is more sadistic here than in his early matches at Can-Am. His aggressiveness, always on the showy side, is overtly sexual here, more so than his fight with Roman, in my opinion. Here he focuses his attention more on his opponent's suffering, less on trying to impress the fans with his physique and agility. He mounts Vochek's back and full-nelsons him, face to the mat. Vochek elbows his way loose, but Perris gets him down again, this time clamping both wrists to the small of the newcomer's back.

He pulls Billy up by the hair and thrusts him forehead first to the corner ropes for some pro-style punishment. Then he schoolboy-pins him at the center of the mat. Vochek thrusts out and starts dishing up some payback. But Perris doesn't like being on the receiving end, so the situation switches back, with Perris in control, crushing the blond's waist between his powerful thighs. 

The sexiest moments are Perris's SBPs, pressing Vochek's wrists to the mat above his head, the crotch of his yellow trunks occasionally skimming Vochek's bottom rib. Vochek's escapes and retaliations are brief, only succeeding in giving Perris time to concoct a more humiliating entanglement than the previous one.

Each wrestler dominates a round in the ring, with the second round ending with Vochek binding Perris's wrists together and hanging him for a punching bag. From here, they go to the oil pit for Round 3, where Perris once again asserts control. 

Perris knows how to play this format for all it's worth, maximizing our exposure to his and Billy's slick, slippery flesh, while grunting insults and barking barely intelligible commands. Here I'm reminded (if I needed reminding) why I mark out for Paul Perris.

His training has taught him to strike hard and fast, but his instincts, which by this point in his career were finely tuned, tell him to take it slow, to gradually grind Vochek down to a dry-heaving nub, to make every strenuous hold a painful lesson for the newby, who never showed his handsome face at Can-Am again, and, at last, to put the kid out of his misery with a climactic choke.

I did not hate this match. I can see myself getting many years of use out of this video. On the whole, I did not like it better than K-ABbF1, mostly because I like what Roman Stone brings to the original--which is not, however, a whole lot of dramatic intensity, but rather thighs and shoulders that can make a fella drop down in a swoon.

But in most ways, Part 2 gives us a much better performance out of Paul Perris--more focused, more strategic, more volatile, with noticeably more erotic heat. It turns out to be an essential match for fans of Perris--and a varied joyride for anybody with a wrestling kink.


  1. Can't say I've ever seen a prettier site than Roman Stone suffering in oil.


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