Skip Beat

In Tag Team Torture 6 (part of this summer's long awaited Summer Sizzlers 4), the creatively destructive Morgan Cruise force-feeds Skip Vance his boyfriend's cock and balls. And not just once. On one occasion he dangles Skip in a pendulum hold and swings the blond's face and lips to the crotch of an almost-unconscious Christian Taylor, hanging helplessly off the corner ropes. It's quite a show--and a written description hardly does the hijinks justice.

I have probably seen all of Skip's BG East appearances, but the sexy heels that sadistically torment him (again and again and again) hog almost all my attention. It was only because TTT6 puts Skip at ringside for the first part of the match--purportedly a one-on-one pitting Christian against Morgan--that I finally gave the tan blond the attention he deserves. Cheering his boyfriend on and hurling insults at an increasingly testy Morgan, Skip struck me as the image of health and good humor. Really, you might not think so, but his smiles and laughter are even more winning than his choked screams and dying yelps.

Happily, he has pulled through a recent health crisis and is back in Florida this weekend for some more wrestling. His Facebook page features good-natured banter with his BGE fans and, lately, some videos of him singing (he has quite a fine voice, sexy too). Last weekend, he and Christian paid a visit to their friends at UCW-Wrestling. With his golden hair and bronze tan, he looks like the poster boy of summertime fun. Bearing a passing resemblance to Luke Halpin of the old Flipper movies and TV show (a reference he is too young to pick up on), Skip looks like he's made of sunshine, pool water, coconut tanning oil, and a Sprite-and-strawberry-ice-cream float.

So in commemoration of the fact that I consider myself sort of a Skip Vance fan now and that a fine new match capitalizes on Skip's and Christian's off-screen romance, as they unite to take down "The Mastodon" Morgan Cruise, I thought I'd post some of my favorite shots (from The Arena at BGEast) of Vance getting choked, yanked, stripped, kneed, squeezed, stretched, groped, crushed, banged up, and tortured ... by some of the company's best bad boys.

For the record, my favorite of these matches is his first, against the steamy Brazilian eroto-grappler Gil Barrios, while taking nothing away from my longstanding love for the others, Kid K, Firestorm, Martin, Dylon, Skrapper, Lodi, and, naturally, Christian Taylor. I'm interested in finding out who next will take a crack at him ... maybe Eli Black? maybe Ray Naylor? maybe Attila Dynasty? But, there you have it, I'm full of summer dreams this morning.

Skip versus Mike Martin in Wet & Wild 4

Skip versus Jonny Firestorm in Submissions 8

Aqua versus Angelo Blanco in Masked Mayhem 8

Skip versus Dylon Roberts in Crotch Crushers 2

Skip versus Kid Karisma in Matmen 23

Skip and Christian versus Morgan Cruise in Tag Team Torture 16

I have removed some photos featuring explicit nudity from this posting because they belong to The Arena at BGEast, which owns exclusive rights to them.


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