Bury My Heart at Wrestleshack

If I ever get married, unlikely at this point but hear me out anyway, I'd like to honeymoon in the Wrestleshack. For me, the Wrestleshack series is currently the top attraction at BG East. Whether it's the kick-ass wrestlers who hang out there (Gabriel Ross, Gil Barrios, Jarret Cole, Doug Warren), the sun-streaked tight quarters, or the good chance that things are gonna get sexy, something holds me in the shack's spell, perhaps a mix of all three factors. 

Wrestleshack 17, the latest in the series, is exemplary on all points. Though they haven't made enough appearances at the company for most fans to automatically think BG East at the mention of their names, Joah Bindao and Dylon Roberts entered my radar about a year and a half ago. They are two hot men, in pointedly contrasting styles. More importantly, they wrestle with enthusiasm--enthusiasm for wrestling, not just to show off their bodies (which are nevertheless well worth the showing off). Beyond that, they "get" the eroticism of wrestling and never pretend otherwise. That's the key thing. Wrestleshack enshrines my kink for wrestling.

As I write this, Joah has six BGE matches to his credit, Dylon, half that number. Both are well-trained wrestlers, with strong compact bodies. Dylon is the taller and heavier man. Joah, the more daring. At first, Dylon stands in the doorway of the shack, arms folded reluctantly on his chest. Joah bumps his knuckles to the Canadian's pecs, teasing him onto the mat. When Dylon at last allows himself to be tempted (or provoked) into the shack, he seems happy to have done so. And who wouldn't be?

The first fall goes to Joah, who uses his muscular thighs not only to squeeze the breath out of Dylon but to wrench and stretch his upper body. Then Dylon gets his turn. Dylon may look like the guy you'd trust your wallet and boyfriend with, but you ought to see him when he's putting the hurt on his adversary. The man is never happier than when the room echoes with his opponent's cries. My kind of man, right there.

The space, though tight, offers ample room for mat wrestling, with the added bonus of crossbeams that encourage monkey-style leg wrestling. For a short wrestler like Joah (5'5"), the beam is a great equalizer, giving him leverage in applying a dangling headscissors on a victim brought to his knees (see the third picture, above).

Let the second picture, above, suffice in depicting the match's homoeroticism. Unlike some other matches in the series, there's no nudity in Wrestleshack 17, though the threads of the two men's briefs give plenty of much-needed stretch. No cum shots. Although wrestling is terrific foreplay, for many erotic fetishists wrestling by itself is sexy enough. I started masturbating to wrestling scenarios before I hit puberty. Only slightly more than a third of my lifetime masturbatory fantasies involved nudity; fewer than that involved penetration. In life I have wrestled and fucked, but for many fetishists (even me sometimes) the fucking is redundant. As I confessed recently, thoughts of wrestling have gotten me through more white-bread forms of sex. My preference for wrestling and similar roughhouse may even have saved me from some of the diseases that carried away my dearest (and sorely grieved, still) friends and others of my generation. In an interview two years ago, Kid Leopard, the Boss at BG East, noted in his typical "blunt" way, "A lot of guys are alive today because their proclivities were intrinsically tied to wrestling and not to the more usual forms of male sexuality."

So the Wrestleshack is where I'd take anyone with any doubts about the innate eroticism of wrestling. Sometimes underground wrestlers "try too hard" to make wrestling look sexy. I think of porn movies that offer wrestling as a brief prologue to the usual porn content. I sometimes wonder if these wrestlers "get" what they're doing. Intense, committed, aggressive, and vigorous wrestling is sexy all by itself. For me it doesn't even matter who's involved. (Startling case in point, here.) A beautiful, strong physique is a definite plus, but no substitute for good wrestling--just as, for me, a hole to put the cock into is a "plus" too. An excellent plus, to be sure, but a good fight with the right antagonist is all I need to bond.


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