Steve Sterling

Some say Steve Sterling made underground wrestling. In describing Steve's wrestling debut shortly after winning the Mr Teen America title at age 19, Can-Am succinctly describes his initial impact:
There had never been another video wrestler with Steve's chiseled competition musculature, movie star good looks, bodacious bubble butt, or win-at-all-costs attitude. 99 out of 100 video wrestling customers became instant die-hard Steve Sterling fans.
It took me years to join the majority opinion on this because, years ago, I thought he was too short (5'5") and too heavy (207#). I'm past these narrow-minded prejudices now. Though inclined to see history as the product of innumerable influences and variables, not the work of individuals, now I consider myself a die-hard fan and acknowledge Steve's importance as an icon of kink wrestling in its mail-order days.

I like Steve's glowering mug-shot expression in most of his still pictures, but you have to see him in action to get what I get out of him. Always seething, always testy, Steve is a mad dog in the ring and the oil pit. He enjoys hurting his opponents and, more interestingly, he demands that they enjoy getting hurt by him. The man is merciless because he thinks (rightly, I guess) that his opponents want him to put them through the wringer. He's doing them a favor! And they damn well better show some appreciation for it! That attitude, along with an occasional look right into the camera lens (as if to say "You're next, pussy boy!"), is what sells me on the guy.

Top to bottom, left to right:
Photo 1: Steve dominates Robert Carroll in BG Enterprise's Arena 22
Photo 2: Steve crabs Wolf Heywood in BG Enterprise's Arena 20
Photo 3: Steve headlocks Bruno Marinelli in Can-Am's California Muscleboy Wrestling 3
Photo 4: Johnny Lightning's got Steve from behind in Can-Am's Canadian Musclehunk Wrestling 2
Photo 5: Steve tops The Golden Boy in BG Enterprise's Hollywood Musclehunk Wrestling 4
Photo 6: Steve clotheslines Bret Ballard in BG Enterprise's Hollywood Musclehunk Wrestling 3
Photo 7: Steve again in Hollywood Musclehunk Wrestling 3
Photo 8: Steve chokes Monte Masters in BG Enterprise's Ring Master
Photo 9: Steve lets Paul Perris have it in Can-Am's Steve Sterling Conquers Canada
Photo 10: Steve, in oils
Photo 11: Steve locks up with Cliff Conlin in BG Enterprise's Hollywood Musclehunk Wrestling 6
Photo 12: Steve tortures Casey Kramer in BG Enterprise's Ring Master


  1. I'm a fan of your blog and Steve Sterling's. He had it all. So far as I know, his losses in the ring were few. Only Vic Silver and Buddy Justice conquered Steve so far as I know. Were there other defeats? I've often wondered about his life after his retirement from wrestling and modeling. I agree that he put underground wrestling on the map. Given his immense popularity, it seems odd that he seemingly disappeared. I don't think he went pro though I may be mistaken. If you or anyone has additional information, please share it. Thanks.


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