The Bulge

Because Jimmy's win record has been low, I felt shivers of excitement in watching him take a commanding lead over Dave, whose win record has thus far been stellar. He keeps up the momentum past the midpoint of the contest, but the last ten minutes are touch-and-go the whole way, as the lean fighting machine Dave Markus mounts a stronger defense.

Both wrestlers are in top condition for this battle (the Movimus flyer refers to it as "The Battle of the Bulge," indicating the fighters' muscularity in general, only hinting about the bulges that threaten to pop their tee-tiny trunks). This match has all the vigor of good sex. I love both these wrestlers for opposite reasons, Markus for his cool-headed technique, Reilly for his exuberant heart.

Dave Markus caught my eye with his first match, earlier this year. His streamlined physique suits him for combat against other slim competitors. But his chiseled muscle equips him also for heavier, thicker competition like Mikey Hanlon and Reilly. In August I referred to his "raw force," a somewhat misleading phrase since Dave's true strength is his resilience and equilibrium under stress. On the mat he can strike like a shark.

Jimmy Reilly has been a favorite of mine since his first match, too. Jimmy's pro-wrestling background ensures a high level of drama in what is basically a scientific sport. The guy is naturally expressive. His body is an ideogram for c-o-c-k. His long, now-blond hair, along with his Stay Puft complexion, both contrasts with and enhances the butch muscularity of his thighs, back, torso, and arms. His Van Dyke beard adds a touch of aristocratic panache.

The complexity of Reilly's on-camera character and the singularity of focus in Markus make for an interesting contrast. This is a full seven-fall contest, and it may be my favorite Movimus release of 2014. Congratulations to Movimus for its progress this past year. In January the company resolved to release thirty new matches in 2014. It hit thirty and one!


  1. Reilly really does it for me. I'm hoping he hung on for victory. He has a lot of assets, but I especially noticed his excellent thighs and calves.


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