Get Wet

Krush vs Stan Torum, Water Dunking Wrestling: Sinking Stan Torum (Krushco)

Krush decides the time has come to take Stan Torum out. He lies in wait in stretch camo and black sleeveless vest. Torum walks right into the trap. Krush grabs him by the neck and starts beating the hell out of him. Torum fights back, but Krush retains control, thrusting Stan into a nearby hot tub and dunking him repeatedly. Taken off guard, the guy is defenseless.

"I didn't mean it!" Stan pleads. But Krush turns a cold and unfeeling ear to his whimpering. Stan attempts a reversal, even succeeds in holding Krush's head under the water for a second or two. The hope spot only pisses Krush off more. "Pretend you're a fish!" Krush snarls as he holds the punk's head under. The hand-to-hand combat is intense. The action tumbles back out onto the deck. "It's over!" Stan begs. But Krush tells him it ain't over till Torum is knocked the fuck out.

Stan doesn't take his punishment like a man, so Krush grabs a stick and starts beating his soaking wet ass with it, like an old-time dad spanking his spoiled brat. You can practically see the fight draining out of Torum with each new indignity. Krush peels Stan's black tanktop off to choke him with it. At last we get a view of Stan's torso. Stan Torum's luck, it appears, has run out.

Krushco takes a new tack with this suspenseful "fight to the death" fantasy. I wonder how Krush managed to get police sirens to wail for practically the whole 32-minute battle. They certainly add to the sense of danger and impending doom. Krush has never been meaner, and Stan is one hot and feisty victim in a match that marks a new high point in combat entertainment and rage-ignited comeuppance.


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